Congratulations to OSCAR Winners - Global Star Ram Charan

Ram Charan Reveals That Upasana Is 6 Months Pregnant

Ram Charan Reveals That Upasana Is 6 Months Pregnant

\'RRR\' has brought the Oscar award home and it is a proud moment for every Indian. Everyone including Ram Charan is on cloud nine and they are busy celebrating this massive success. Prior to winning the Oscar, Ram Charan walked on the red carpet along with his lovely wife Upasana. When interviewed by the reporter, Upasan said, \"I\'m here to support Ram and I\'m here to be a part of the RRR family. I\'m nervous, I\'m shaking a bit but this is really amazing to be here.\" Ram Charan added that his wife is sex months old and claimed that the baby is bringing them so much luck.\"

Talking more about his wife, Charan said, \"Wherever I go, usually my wife and I set up this temple, this ritual, it just keeps us connected to our energies and India, and it is very important for all of us to when we being out day, thanking and showing gratitude to everything and every person who has helped us be here. Not too much, but it\'s just a few moments and we hit the road.\"

When asked about wearing Shantanu and Nikhil\'s designer dress on the big night, Ram Charan told, \"It\'s come out great and I\'m feeling like I\'m wearing India. It\'s detailed beautifully with everything. It\'s weighing down a little bit because India\'s pride is also on our shoulders and it is a little heavy. But literally thank you Nikhil, you\'ve done a great job. Here you have a Bharat coin which is imposed with the Bharat symbol.\"